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Calendar of Events

June 08, 2023


Forest Care at Cottonwood Corner

June 08, 11am-2pm @ Riverton Creek

Join Forest Steward, Heidi Watters, for a mid-week work party at Cottonwood Corner. This small chunk of forest is nestled into a neighborhood and provides habit for songbirds, Cooper Hawks, bugs, caterpillars, and more. The site has everything from native plants to a small creek that runs through it. Over the years the site has been overtaken by invasive plants such as Himalayan blackberry, English ivy, and Morning Glory. The best way to remove these invasive plants is by hand, so we need you to come and help! All tools, training and materials will be provided at the start of the work party. more


Weeding at Upper Crystal Springs

June 10, 10am-1pm @ Crystal Springs Park

Join us to care for this important forest in Tukwila! We will be removing weeds including ivy and blackberry to make room to plant 350 native plants in the fall. Join us for this event in the summer and come back in the fall to plant this area! more


Restoration at Riverton

June 14, 11:30am-1:30pm @ Riverton Park

Riverton Park is a beautiful community park with picnic tables, a playground, Gully Gardens P-Patch, walking loop with a natural border that offers something for everyone. The natural plant board of the park has largely established, mature trees that support wildlife, reduce pollutants in the air and help to bring shade on hot days. Unfortunately, these trees are in danger due to English Ivy that grows aggressively and chokes out native plants and trees. The good news is YOU ARE HERE to help, as a community we can save these trees and install a healthy native forest plus, it is a ton of fun! All tools, materials and training will be provided at the start of the work party. Restrooms are onsite May-October otherwise, you may use the restroom at the Tukwila Community Center quick drive down the street. more


Walk & Talk Litter Clean Up Event at Duwamish HIll Preserve

June 29, 10am-12pm @ Duwamish Hill Preserve

Join Parks Staff for a Walk & Talk Litter Clean Up event at Duwamish Hill Preserve. This sacred site has a long history; in fact it is dated older than Mount Rainier. The site is right next to the river, so all the litter goes into the river and out to Puget Sound. You can make a difference, by cleaning up trash while chatting with friends. more